The funniest Russian dating site profile photos ever

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The funniest Russian dating site profile photos ever


This Russian girl had learned about the trend of catfishing and made a decision to offer it a herself that is go. She grabbed her fishing rods, headed towards the lake that is nearest, and caught herself this giant seafood. She then laid it on the ground to just take the dating profile picture that is ultimate.

Exactly exactly What she didn’t understand is the fact that catfishing is just pretending become somebody else actually… not fishing. At the least she’s showing her impressive fishing abilities to virtually any potential suitor! Ideally, she’ll have the ability to reel in a brand new man.

Doing the splits

It’s important to exhibit your skills off and talents in just about any dating profile. Maybe it is possible to have fun with the flute? Possibly you’re really proficient at dance with chickens or catching fish that is big? Or maybe you are able to bust out of the splits such as this girl?!

What makes this much more impressive is this Russian woman obviously isn’t a springtime chicken any longer. Nonetheless, she will make a move that many individuals lose the capacity to do just as they hit their 20s. We’re loving it!

Orange you happy you came personally across me?

Understand this chap that is handsome! Plainly, their favorite color is orange, in which he does not care that knows it! It is quite obvious that this guy is attempting showing down why he will be the date that is perfect. He likes orange – we got that – but he additionally really loves kitties, which means that he has got a soft part.

He’ll provide you with a bunch of flowers, covered with orange paper needless to say, and then he might also bring his orange superhero cape to your date. We hope he discovers a other lover that is orange live his life with!

Crying glitter

Is this woman crying or is the fact that glitter all over her face? That’s just one single of many concerns we now have with regards to this Russian dating site profile image. Other questions consist of, just just exactly how did she get her eyebrows like this and why is she consuming her very own necklace?

It’s a very different kind of dating world in Russia, and this photo certainly goes to prove that as we said. We simply hope it was glitter on her behalf face rather than rips!

Sausage head

If you have a very important factor we now have learned all about Russian profile that is dating, it is that food sells! It appears as if loads of individuals need to get in certain variety of edible product to their photo, and this girl is not any various.

Really the only odd thing is she actually is utilizing the sausages as a type of headband and necklace. We don’t determine if this might be some sort of Russian fashion trend, but we won’t be sausages that are wearing our minds any time in the future.

More sausages

Okay, when you think sausages on the mind is strange, think about this? This indicates as though this woman that is russian shopping for a guy to truly save her, as she plays the ‘Damsel in Distress’ card.

But, she didn’t think it through because she plainly didn’t have rope to tie by herself to your sleep. Therefore, she chose to instead opt for sausages. If that ended up being us, we’d simply consume our method through the sausages until we had been released.

Decked out bathtime

There’s nothing quite like a good, hot soak within the bath tub prior to going away for the night. But, this indicates as if this woman had go out of time to have the dating that is perfect shot before she needed to keep. Therefore, she got by herself decked out when it comes to night and tossed herself into the bathtub that is empty.

Don’t get us incorrect, she appears great, but possibly she necessary to choose a location that is different the image.

Eat your veg

From that which we have experienced, how you can a man’s heart is through their stomach – which can be most likely why Russian females love showing meals within their dating pages. While many have actually chosen sausages or chicken, this girl is concerned about her brand new love getting their five each and every day.

She desires you to definitely consume your veggies, but you are doing get a selection… Turnip or carrot? It’s your pick if you’re fortunate enough to date this woman!

Splits and rugs

This girl has seriously impressed her along with her gymnastics abilities! Nevertheless, we’re a bit that is little in regards to the environment. Has she simply made her solution to a rug shop wearing most of her gymnastics clothing? Maybe she even asked the employees here to just simply take this relationship profile picture on her behalf?

We love the concept behind this, we simply don’t understand why she’s made a decision to bring therefore numerous rugs into the image. It’s back once again to the drawing board with this Russian woman!

Party skills

It appears to be such as this girl was perfecting several of her favorite dance moves in the kitchen, and desired to get a few on digital digital camera for her dating profile. Nonetheless, you can find a few aspects of this photo that basically disturb us. How come she look therefore mad?

Whom sets all that stuff that is flammable the top of the kitchen stove? Whom decorated her home wall surface? And exactly how did she get by herself into this kind of position that is unnatural? A lot more questions than responses in this picture.

Love birds

We all know just who this person should couple up with. We now have currently heard of girl whom loves dance with chickens, but this guy simply really really really loves chilling with chickens. They are often a match manufactured in paradise. He knows that he’s a real women guy, that will be proven a lot more by the undeniable fact that he’s surrounded by chicks additionally the confident try looking in their eyes.

Now, he just has to look for a chicken that is fellow to expend the others of their life with. We bet they’ll lay the most amazing eggs… We suggest, have probably the most babies that are beautiful.


Simply always check away this person. He knows precisely what the feamales in Russian want. They need some guy with a car that is cool understands just how to gown and has now some money to splash. Okay, so he probably hasn’t actually paid for that fur coating yet since it nevertheless has the label upon it, additionally the vehicle could do with a little bit of work, but at least he’s trying.

Maybe once he’s met the girl of their aspirations, he can really return to the shop and pay when it comes to fur coating on her. Possibly.